Extreme Poverty, HIV/AIDS, Slavery and Broken Communities: Our Generation’s Responsibility

HIV/AIDS, extreme poverty, and slavery continue to overwhelm communities across the globe, impacting billions of lives.

HIV/AIDS, a highly preventable and treatable disease, has to date infected approximately 65 million people and devastated the lives of millions more. Lack of education about the disease and restricted access to effective testing and treatment has caused HIV/AIDS to reach pandemic levels.

This disease has been most pervasive in areas of extreme poverty where billions of people have been forced to live with little or no access to basic necessities such as food, water, sanitation, adequate shelter, health care, and education.

Extreme poverty can also lead to trafficking and the sexual exploitation of people, especially children. Millions of people around the world are currently abducted , sold, and used as slaves for labor and sex- many of thses come from the poorest regions of the world. Those forced into sexual slavery can be among the least educated about the dangers of HIV/AIDS, with little to know access to health care or treatment.

The massive scope of this unnecessary suffering demands a global response of resources, and a commitment to stand up, speak out, and step forward in action to end extreme poverty, HIV/AIDS, slavery and broken communities

A Glimpse of Hope

With so much that needs to be done, what can any of us do? Given our limited time and resources, we can only do so much. But if each of us is doing our part, we can tackle this crisis.

Imagine if we all gave just 1%: 1% of our income, 1% of our time, and 100% of our heart. It may not seem like much, but that’s the beauty of it: if we all give just a little, together we will change the world.

Think of what we could accomplish.

What is one%matters?

We are here to recruit you in the fight against extreme poverty, HIV/AIDS, and slavery suffering by giving 1% of your money, and time, and 100% of your heart. Once you have made the commitment to fight with us, we want to help you keep it. By finding organizations that are doing the work that is changing lives, we want to help you decide where to give your 1% and actively engage you in the fight against HIV/AIDS, extreme poverty, slavery, and broken communities.

What Can I Do?

  1. Read more about the problems of extreme poverty and HIV/AIDS.

  2. See what 1% of your time and income can do.

  3. Pledge to give 1% of your money and time and 100% of your heart

  4. Find organizations to donate your time and money to

For more information about One%Matters and how you can become a part of it, please email [email protected]